December 10, 2020 2 min read

Consumer Behaviour is Changing — Yours Should Too

“Wash Your Hands Regularly”, “Use Hand Sanitiser”, “Wipe Down High-Touch Surfaces”, etc., the list goes on. As a result of the pandemic, the world has been swamped with hygiene messages geared towards changing consumer behaviour and stopping the spread.   

And it’s working! In one survey, conducted with 2,000 UK adults, 67% of respondents said they were more hygiene-conscious as a result of COVID-191. Findings further revealed a change in hygiene habits, with 25% more people now washing their hands for the recommended time1.

However, COVID-19 is only one of many infectious diseases out there. The risk of infection is everywhere, including your clinic, with approximately 30,000 patients acquiring a healthcare-associated infection (HAI) every year2.

Our research found that one out of five therapy beds was positive for rhinovirus (the common cold), and two out of five were positive for Staphylococcus aureus. Every time a client’s eyes, nose and mouth touch the shared surface of a therapy bed, they are susceptible to cross infection.

That’s why Purifas has been spreading the word about the risks and impacts of infection. We’ve been busy informing therapists and consumers about the cesspit of germs that live in the face hole, and the importance of the FaceShield to help achieve our mission of reducing HAIs.


Spread the Word About Your Commitment to Hygiene With the New FaceShield Seal

Even before the pandemic, 57% of consumers said they would switch therapists for a more hygienic product. Let’s make sure they switch to you!

It’s critical that therapists change their mindset about hygiene, just as consumers are.

Hygiene best practice should be habitual in the clinic and therapy setting to maintain a safe environment. It also needs to be integrated within your marketing messages to help build your reputation among consumers.

Today, we’re pleased to launch the Purifas FaceShield Clinic Seal, exclusive to therapists using the FaceShield in all face-down treatments. Our new Seal, which is part of our FaceShield Clinic Program, will help hygiene conscious consumers identify your clinic and seek your services.   

The FaceShield Clinic Seal makes it easy for clinics to attract the attention of consumer foot traffic and let them know they take duty of care seriously.

All FaceShield clinics are invited to display the Seal on their door or window to promote their commitment to hygiene and comfort.

Here’s what one of our FaceShield clinics had to say:

Function PCP

“Function is proud to be a FaceShield Clinic! This seal is a commitment to hygiene and health. We only use Purifas Faceshield on our treatment beds for our clients' well-being."

Mena Ghaly, Function PCP 


The new FaceShield Clinic Seal is now included in orders of eight or more boxes of the FaceShield and is strictly for therapists using the FaceShield during all face-down treatments.

Learn more about the FaceShield.



  2. NICE, Infection prevention and control Quality Standard [QS61], April 2014, Introduction

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